Young Professionals

$100.00 p.a. (GST inclusive) - First Two Years
$360.00 p.a. (GST inclusive) - Third and subsequent years

The Young Professionals (YPs) are generally those AIBC Members, 35 years and under, that may or may not be recognised under the AIBC Membership of their employer organisation.

The Young Professionals which operate in all branches of the AIBC are developing their own YP networking groups.

As an incentive for YP Membership, new Members not already Members under their employers Membership, are offered their first two years at a 50% discount from the Small Business/Individual Membership fee.

Following these first two years of Membership, normal fees apply for renewal.

Young Professional Members are entitled to the benefits of a Small Business/Individual Member (or as per their Employers Membership), however are not eligible for voting rights during the first two years of membership.

To join the AIBC as a Young Professional, please click here.