Education & Training Industry Group

The goal of the AIBC Education and Skills Training Industry Group is to create a network of of AIBC members from the Australian education and skills training ecosystem who are already active in Indonesia or are interested in exporting, investing and/or partnering in the Indonesian education market. We aim to help connect this network into Indonesia so that beneficial commercial relationships can develop, including at Australian and Indonesian companies with  education and training service needs.

The Group brings together education service providers from the schools, English language (ELT), higher education, vocational training (VET) as well as digital education sectors. It welcomes other related stakeholders to learn and exchange information both in Australia and with our Indonesian colleagues including at the Indonesia Australia Business Council (IABC). We share information, challenges, expectations, experiences (good and bad), and lessons learnt, and help identify opportunities, increase collaboration and build business success. The idea is to create a compelling profile of Australia's capabilities in education and skills training.

A unique value-add for the Group is a Microsoft Teams environment, in which:

  • Discussions are held and files, links, etc. are shared
  • A contacts list of Group members and key stakeholders is available
  • A map of the education and skills training related organisational landscape in both Indonesia and Australia is available
  • The latest news and updates can be read, shared and discussed
  • Events are planned and hosted and projects are collaboratively discussed

All AIBC members are welcome to join the Education, Skills and Training Group. To join an AIBC Industry group, log into your AIBC account, select Change My Details, and select the Industry group(s) that you would like to join.

The Group is chaired by Michael Fay and any inquiries can be directed to