Investment Industry Group

The AIBC Investment, Finance and Infrastructure Group has been established to nurture a network and develop a dialogue amongst individuals and organisations focused on bilateral investment and financing opportunities between Australia and Indonesia. Our model is a little different to the other AIBC industry groups in that we are focused on bilateral flows of capital, rather than of goods and services.

With Australia the home of one of the largest pools of retirement savings in the world, and with Indonesia’s capital and investment needs over the coming decades reflecting its ongoing rapid growth and development into one of the world’s largest economies, we hope to play a central role in the process of bringing investors and sponsors/developers together. In addition, we see a growing focus on opportunities for Indonesian investors and financiers to invest in Australian businesses and projects also driving a dialogue.

Through a series of discussions, events and conversations (both formal and informal) throughout the year, we seek to assist interested organisations and individuals to identify opportunities and develop key relationships to turn these opportunities into reality.

All AIBC members are welcome to join the Investment, Finance and Infrastructure Group discussions and activities. To join an AIBC Industry group, log into your AIBC account, select Change My Details, and select the Industry group(s) that you would like to join.

The Group is chaired by Peter McGregor and any inquiries can be directed to