Healthcare Group

The goal of the AIBC Healthcare Group is to create a network of health-related organisations in Australia who are interested in exporting, investing and/or partnering in the Indonesian market, and to connect this network into Indonesia so that beneficial commercial relationships can develop.

The Group brings together exporters and stakeholders to learn and exchange information both in Australia and with our Indonesian colleagues. We share expectations, experiences (good and bad), and lessons, and find ways to identify opportunities, increase collaboration, and business success. The idea is to make the whole greater than the parts, and to create a compelling profile of Australia's capabilities in healthcare.

The latest directory of Group Member Organisations is available here for download.

A unique value-add for the Group is a Microsoft Teams environment, in which:

  • Discussions are held and files, links, etc. are shared
  • A contacts list of Group members and key stakeholders is available
  • A map of the healthcare related organisational landscape in both Indonesia and Australia is available
  • The latest news and updates can be read, shared and discussed
  • Events and projects are collaboratively designed, planned and held

This Teams environment is available only for AIBC members.  Join here.


The Group is Chaired by Jeff Parker and led by a core group of members. Contact Jeff by email at with any queries.