AIBCnews: Issue 174, January 2019

Dear Members and Friends,

Welcome to AIBC’s first newsletter for 2019, which comes as both Australia and Indonesia gear up for important national elections (Indonesia on 17 April, and Australia most likely in May). Both countries are of course grappling with the very dynamic international trade environment, dominated by the US and China, which has reportedly seen a recent trend of China based businesses looking to relocate to Indonesia as a hedge against future trade sanctions.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison with President Jokowi – Jakarta September 2018 (Photo: SBS)

Between Australia and Indonesia, 2018 ended with IA-CEPA finalised by negotiators, but awaiting signing by our respective leaders, and we now remain hopeful that a window may present itself in the early part of this year to move this forward. AIBC continues to maintain contact with our governments to follow progress and press for IA-CEPA to be advanced. Of course, despite the delay, there is still much activity by our Members and other groups as they go about their existing business and explore new opportunities, that exist with or without IA-CEPA.

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