AIBC News - Issue 153, December 2016

AIBC News - Issue 153, December 2016

Dear Members and Friends,

It’s been a month since the AIBC Conference in Perth and I think I have fully recovered!

What a Conference it was indeed. Bigger and better than anything we’ve ever put together, by all accounts. Almost 300 delegates and speakers from both counties. Two Australian Cabinet Ministers. Two WA Ministers including the Premier and the Indonesian Deputy Minister for International Tourism. The IA CEPA Negotiators. The two Ambassadors. Senior bureaucrats from the two governments. Several CEOs of major companies. The heads of the six Chambers that make up the IA Business Partnership Group, IA-BPG. And many other distinguished academics and professionals from a myriad facets of business. On behalf of AIBC, I thank them all once again. Last but not least, our Conference Convener and National Vice President Phil Turtle for his magnificent effort. To continue reading the Newsletter, please click this link.