AIBC News - Issue 148, May 2016

Finally, we have a date for our next election. Regardless of the bookmakers, we are in for the sixth government in six years. Whichever way the political winds blow, anyone who is interested in a more intelligent relationship with our neighbours to the North can breathe a sigh of relief. Both sides of our political divide understand the need to chart a new course for Australia’s economic future, a focus beyond the traditional dependence on the export of our resources. The promise of the ASEAN Economic Community - of which Indonesia has a 40 percent share of regional GDP – makes our closest neighbour suddenly more attractive than it’s ever been. With 50 sectors opened up in the latest wave of deregulation, with principal licences issued to investors by BKPM in less than three hours, the old whingeing by business at large is being gradually silenced. Governments can only do so much.

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