AIBCnews: Issue 177 - April 2019

Dear Members and Friends,

Over this last month, Indonesia has gone to the polls in the World’s largest single day election. As counting continues, official results in the Presidential race are to be handed down on May 22, just after Australia itself goes to the polls. It will be interesting to see how these final results, including the makeup of the Indonesian parliament, match some of the early counting and predictions which predominantly show a return of President Jokowi.

In the period around our elections, there has understandably been a lull in activity around the recently concluded, but as yet unratified, IA-CEPA. With Indonesia’s Trade Ministry now expected to focus on a similar Agreement with Korea, following on from IA-CEPA and its first with the European Union, it is important for all of us to appraise ourselves with an understanding of the scope and benefits of IA-CEPA. It is also just as important that we all be part of the socialisation of the Agreement, to make sure as much of our respective business communities take advantage of IA-CEPA as possible once it is ratified and enters into force, hopefully later this year. For this, the most comprehensive source of information remains the DFAT website here.

With the successful opening of Jakarta’s long-awaited MRT, Indonesia has also been planning for the possible relocation of its capital, to relieve some of the pressure on the improving yet stretched infrastructure in Jakarta, and away from the crowded island of Java. This relocation study has been an ongoing effort under the Minister for National Development Planning, and friend of AIBC, Minister Bambang Brodjonegoro, who we look forward to welcoming to Australia again soon. Progress on this ambitious goal, along with the ongoing development of “10 New Bali’s”, will be something to watch over coming months.


H.E. Prof. Bambang Brodjonegoro, Minister for National Development Planning, addressing the AIBC Conference in November 2018
(Photo: Nina Williams Photography)

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