AIBC News - Issue 160, October 2017 (Second Edition)

Dear Members and Friends,

This month saw the penultimate round of IA-CEPA negotiations relocated to Jakarta thanks to the threatening behavior of Mt Agung in Bali. With just one round remaining to be held in November, we look forward to the finalization of this long-awaited Agreement. AIBC remains in close contact with its Indonesia Australia Business Partnership Group (IA-BPG) colleagues, and with Trade Minister Ciobo’s office, to make sure that our collective interests are front-of-mind as the Negotiators go about their work.

We are encouraged by the goodwill and sense of urgency and importance placed on these negotiations by all participants, and trust this will be reflected in a substantial Agreement that unlocks a number of areas of opportunity. Of course though it will be up to the business community to rise to the occasion and step up to make the most of the outcomes.  To continue reading, please click here.